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What causes blurred vision after delivery?

I heard that people may get blurred vision after delivery. What caused that? Is there any way to help this situation?
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  • Jason lester


    It seems that there are some problems with your eyes after delivery. As a matter of fact, sometimes there will be some natural after effects. So, it would be best for you to identify the possible reasons for the blurred vision, whether pure vision problem or something more complicated. And please do not rush to use medicine or wear glasses before the doctor tells you to do so.
  • John eddy


    A lot of women get blurred vision after three to six weeks of delivery, which may be caused by hormonal changes, and hormonal changes not only can causes blurred vision, but also gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension, hormone secreting tumor, etc. If your blurred vision caused by hormonal changes, you do not need to worry about it or see a doctor, because it will recover after a period of time. And if not, you'd better see a doctor and get your eyes test.
  • Gabriel peters


    Vision problems (such as seeing spots, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light) are one of the symptoms of Preeclampsia After Delivery. So, I highly suspect that you get the Preeclampsia After Delivery. Preeclampsia after delivery of the baby (also known as postpartum preeclampsia) is a condition in which preeclampsia symptoms continue after birth. Symptoms of preeclampsia after delivery may appear up to six weeks after the baby's birth. Treatment will depend on the severity of the symptoms. Some treatment options may include: steroids, blood pressure medicine, blood transfusion, anti-seizure medications, and surgery.