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Why is my vision blurry after prk?

I just took a Prk surgery. And right now i feel vision blurry. My surgeon told me that it is normal. Is that true? What causes the blurred vision. How long can i wait to get a clear vision?
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  • Cassidy bell


    Well, it seems that a PRK surgery was inevitable to you. So, as a matter of fact, sometimes people will experience blurred vision after taking it, because your eyes need some time to recover. And according to some clinical cases, your vision will constantly improve as time goes by, and it would take you 3 month or so before you fully recover. In the mean time, you should pay more attention to clean eye use.
  • Angela tuener


    Yes, it's true, so, don't worry. A friend of mine was in the same position just as you are last year, and she tells me that her surgeon told her that her vision could fluctuate for 3-6 months. After few days her eyes correlate the blurred vision to dry eyes, and drops and blinking had helped to decrease that blur. She also noticed as time went on, the fluctuating was decreasing. Her vision really started getting back to normal around 2-3 weeks. Be patient. You are nearly there :) you will probably really start seeing some differences within the next week. Just keep up with your drops (Pred Forte taper??my freind was on Pred Forte on a taper for 3 weeks), and plenty of artificial often as you need them...that will help keep your corneas moist to aid in healing...also take your Vitamin C 1000 mg a day (her surgeon told her to do this) and stay well hydrated with water.
  • Jonathan


    Any surgery risks, so does a PRK surgery. Complicating diseases can occur after a myopic laser surgery. Some may manifest the symptom of dazzle, namely seeing a light spot as a light ball or halation in the evening, which has something to do with slight hydroncus of cornea tissue after the surgery and will gradually diminish with time passing by. Many people restore their vision the day after the surgery, but their vision fluctuates several days later. Some people get a clear vision little by little, generally it is stable after two weeks, and the ultimate recovery time is three to six months. After a PRK surgery, avoid going to the places where have much smoke, do not eat pungent food, do not apply cosmetics around the ocular region in case of tiny granule. Periodical examination of eyes after the surgery is necessary.

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