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Can a detached retina repair itself?

If someone gets retina detachment, can it reattach on its own?
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  • Carlos


    No, it could not, a detached retina occurs when the retina separates from the back of the eye. Most retinal detachments are a result of a retinal break, hole, or tear. The retina is an extremely thin tissue that lines the inside of the back of the eye. When we look around, light from the objects we are trying to see enters the eye. It is a serious condition thus requires immediate attention and treatment to avoid permanent vision loss. That is to say, it is repairable by an eye surgery, but could not repair itself without any external action.
  • Eric rupert


    No, the detached retina will not repair by itself. The detached retina from is the separation between the retinal nerve in cortex and pigment epithelium. Between two layers, there is a potential clearance. The separated clearance in retention liquid is called retina. According to the causes, the liquid can be divided into rhegmatogenous retinal detachment and exudative retinal detachment. The retinal detachment part does not work properly. However, the brain accepts from eye ministry into incomplete image. If you don't go to the hospital immediately when you happen to cause the detached retina, you may get blinded. Only through the surgery can you get the recovery of the eyes. After the surgery, you should take good care of your eyes from the life habit.
  • Faith fergus


    Well, this is quite a good question, as matter of fact, we human beings have some self-healing abilities. However, if you suffer retinal detachment or some other serious disorders or diseases, they are not likely to repair by themselves. Once got retinal detachment, you have to get some effective and timely treatment before it is too late. Delaying would simply make it worse.