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How to get rid of blurred vision after swimming?

After swimming, i feel vision is often blurred. Is that a sign of eye infection? What can i do to recover my clear vision?
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  • handyhands


    Blurred vision after swimming is due to eye irritation. And what cause eye irritation? That is chlorine, air pollution or chemical exposure. However, it is a common problem experienced by those who swim in chlorinated pools. So, relax, you can flush them with clean water or eye drops, both of them can irritate tears washing out the chlorine. But if you wear contacts, remove them before wash your eyes or drop eye drops into your eyes, do not put the contacts back in your eyes, dispose of them even if you do not wear disposable contacts. In case that blurred vision will happen again in next swimming, you'd better wear goggles.
  • Jack


    For a start, eyes need eye drop and clean water to remove natural salts and other things that your body produces normally. Give them some time to recover. Unfortunately, some people are very sensitive to chlorine levels and if these are higher than normal, you will get red irritated eyes, which you will rub and irritate further, causing the muscles that focus your eyes to not do their job properly. Just leave them alone for a while and see how they are then. They will take a little time to regain their normal function but they will do soon enough. If they are still bad in the morning, see your doctor but I reckon you won't need to. You can get more information from the follow website!


    Well, it totally relate to your feeling, because I used to get mad at it. As a matter of fact, some swimming pools are not refilled and cleaned on a regular basis, thus, there will be some risks that your eyes get infected, along with some uncomfortable feelings. So, it seems that you have to get some helpful eye drops to kill the bacteria before things get worse. Typically, a few days will be enough for your eyes to recover.