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What is the best haircuts for women with glasses?

I have myopia and need eyeglasses for vision aids. I now plan to get a haircut. can you tell me what is the best haircuts for me now?
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  • walkamong123


    Well, it seems that you have to wear eyeglasses for visual aids. I gotta say, different people share different point of view. However, here I have got an idea for you. So, why don't you roll your hair up and get it tied up with something. In this way, you will not sacrifice your beautiful hair, also, you are able to appear amazing and gorgeous, however, it requires a slim face. Hope you find my tip useful.
  • Sara scott


    As far as I concerned, short hair is the best haircuts with eyeglasses, especially wearing gucci glasses. It must be so cool and wonderful and can draw all men's eyeballs. How amazing it is. Of course, this just myself views. You can chose a pair of glasses based on your face shape and hair style, even hair color.

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