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Is it against the law to buy prescription glasses online?

I find many site selling prescription glasses and they don't check whether the prescription is valid or not.Also my doctor was reluctant to give me my prescription becuase he told me that was illegal.Is that true?
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  • Matthew Craig


    The answer to this question, like many others is it depends. It depends where you live what the laws are. I am Canadian, and in all the provinces of Canada except one (BC) it IS illegal to sell glasses and contact lenses online (point to note, it is illegal to sell, not to buy. You can't be fined or arrested for buying, but the stores can be shut down and fined). Glasses and contacts are medical devices, and the selling of medical devices is often controlled by law.
    In summary it likely is legal to buy online, but you should know there are risks involved especially with contact lenses. Regulations are in place to protect you, and many online stores are not regulated. Be responsible and learn who You are buying from and what their standards are. Optometrists are always safe.
  • b1wdancer23


    Of course not, online optical stores are illegal for those who have required licence. The reason why your eye doctor defamed on online glasses stores is that they want to make money on you. For the price of online glasses stores are usually 50% or more lower than that of your eye doctor. Actually, in USA and some other countries, eye doctors are required by “Eyeglass Rule” to release a copy of your prescription after each eye exam at no extra cost. In 1978, the Federal Trade Commission passed a regulation rule known as Ophthalmic Practice Rule, or Eyeglass Rule. The rule requires eye doctors (optometrists or ophthalmologists) to give patients their eyeglass prescriptions at no extra cost. Based on the rule, you can ask for a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor after an eye exam.
  • ct_exposed


    I've never heard that it is illegal to buy prescription glasses online. Before you order your prescription glasses online, you must go to your doctor to have an eye exam to get your accurate prescription so that you can enter your prescription when you get your prescription glasses online.
  • colors8282


    Your eye doctor didn't want you to buy glasses elsewhere, so he scared you and told you that was illegal. You're deceived by him.
  • Dazza


    Of course it is not illegal to buy prescription glasses online. More and more people tend to buy glasses online cuz they are much cheaper than the optical store.Your doctor is reluctant to give you the prescription cuz he wanted to make money from you but you have the right to get prescription from him.