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Can witch hazel work on pinik eye?

Will witch hazel help pink eyes? What benefits can we get from witch hazel if i have pink eyes?
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  • walgreens_1


    Yes, witch hazel can help treat pink eyes in same way. In fact, you can treat pink eyes with essential oils. And witch hazel is a component of make the solution for pink eyes. You need prepare essential oil, water and witch hazel. Then, you need to mix it together in a small basin with a cover. Next, you need put the cover on and shake the mixture. Then open the cover and add a little bit of distilled water...If you want to know more detail of making the solution, you can refers to Hope this help you.
  • b2jb


    To some degree, it has the good effect on the pink eyes. As we know, the witch hazel has a lot of benefit for body. Having the function of moisturizing, the whiten function of the witch hazel promotes lymphatic blood circulation. It can especially overcome morning eye Pao and black rim of the eye. Composed of conciliatory effect of crack sunburn acne, it can effectively help skin regeneration ability of night to remove eye bags,relaxing and easing for oily skin or allergic skin. In a word, if you have got the pink eyes, you can use the witch hazel to help you release the symptom.