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Isabelle garcia


Can I go swimming with my contacts in?

I wonder if the water leak into my eyes, will my eyes get infected?
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  • Alexander david


    It is possible but risky.Water, even chlorinated pool water, contains a number of agents that can cause very serious corneal infection. Swimming around pools and ocean waters on the other hand, decreases your susceptibility to microbial infection, but other problems may evolve. In the pool--eye irritation is possible when chlorine sticks on the surface of your lens; in the ocean--your contact lenses can be dislodge when you encounter large waves. You can still wear your lenses, but do so but with proper precautions. Source:
  • Allen


    I will not recommend you to go swimming with contacts in because there is a lot of bactera in the water which will make your eyes infected. If you do need to wear contacts in while swimming, you can wear swimming goggles over the contacts, which can prevent the water getting into the contat lenses and eyes.
  • Stacy


    You'd better not.If your contacts fall into the water,I guess there is no way to find them out.