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What are disadvantage of Pinhole Glasses?

I plan to buy a pair of pinhole glasses. Will it be safe to wear it? Are there any disadvantages of the glasses?
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  • Bridget C


    Overall, the pinhole glasses can help protect your eyes, and prevent myopia from being coupled with the depth number. However, they do not treat myopia. Simply, they are a kind of health care products, they can protect you, but it does not cure the symptoms. In some specific cases, they also should not be used. For example, while you are driving or operating machines, they should not be recommended to use. In addition, if you have heavy prescription myopia, we recommend that you do not choose the glasses.
  • Paige evelyn


    Pinhole glasses are natural and harmless way to correct and improve eye vision. It becomes popular for people to select this kind of glasses. Because of the lens of the pinhole glasses are made of hard plastic with alined pinhole-sized holes. It improves the shape of an image to get clear and focused vision based on more frequently use of eye muscle. However, it takes some time to get used to this kind of glasses. And it blocks some light rays that diminishes light intensity and peripheral vision. And there are multiple pinhole-sized holes thus it would be easy to make multiple overlaying images, maybe you can't not focus on the object easily based on this situation.