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Are daily disposable contact lenses more comfortable for people with dry eyes?

I got dry eyes in recent days. My classmate recommended me to wear daily disposable contact lenses. She told me they are better than weekly, monthly contact lenses. But are they really more comfortable for people with dry eyes?
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  • Michelle percy


    The moisture content of the lenses is the index of contact glasses' water keep level. It's the proportion of the water's weight vs the total weight of lens. For your dry eyes, you have to choose the suitable moisture content of lenses. The high moisture content will be comfortable at the beginning but feel dry after long time's use especially before the computer. So you must blink your eyes or drop some artificial tears to release the conditions of dry eyes. As for the daily disposable contact lenses, it basically is the high oxygen and water contain modes while no need to worry about the protein precipitation which would lead to disease of infection or inflammation. It greatly enhances the comfortable and oxygen penetrating. It changes every day to keep the moisture before the loss in long time periods. So it no needs to worry about the dry eyes problem in short time use. If its affordable for you in price, we recommend this kind of lenses to you.
  • walker626


    It is hard to say. Anyway, daily disposable contact lenses are better than weekly, monthly or yearly contact lenses. Since the daily disposable contact lenses can only be used one time and you can throw away every time after you use it, it is cleaner than other contact lenses. But i don't know if it helps people with dry eyes. Maybe you can prepare a bottle of eye drops to treat dry eyes..
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