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Will retro sunglasses look good on men?

I heard that retro style sunglasses are popular in recently year. I want to have a try. Will the retro sunglasses look good on men?
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  • Edward White


    My answer is positive, haha. retro sunglasses are still ins style in 2012 and favored by a lot of people. Speaking of retro sunglasses, men definitely can were these sunglasses for a real fashion statement. We can see cool guy wearing retro sunglasses on the magazines, TV shows, etc. if you are seeking sunglasses for men, retro sunglasses are defiantly a good way to go. When it comes to mens retro sunglasses, you can choose round sunglasses, horn rimmed sunglasses.
  • cthier


    Of course, the retro sunglasses will look good on men for its popularity in 2012. Being fashionable, the retro sunglasses receive a lot of popularity among men. Whatever from the magazine or the Tv shows, you will see a lot of stylish men wearing retro sunglasses. The most often styles of retro sunglasses we see are round sunglasses, tortoise sunglasses. If you have any interest or you want to be cool and special, the retro sunglasses will of course a good choice.
  • Kimberly quick


    Of course yes. Retro sunglasses are very hot in these years, especially admired by women. However, there are also retro sunglasses signed for men specially. Retro sunglasses have many designs with different color. If you want to try a pair of retro sunglasses, I recommend you to choose the black ones. The colorful sunglasses are not suitable for men very much. The black retro sunglasses will make look cool.