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Is it bad to sleep while wearing contact lenses?

I am worn out after hard work. And I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow without removing contact lenses in my eyes. Now, I feel my eyes are dry. Is it bad to sleep while wearing contact lenses?
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  • walking_lives_


    Sleep with contact lens is very bad. It will increase the risk of severe eye infection. Therefore, if you go to sleep, you should take off your contact lenses. Eyes need constant metabolism, it will constantly secrete proteins and other substances, these substances will be attached to the lens, which will reduce the oxygen permeability and the comfort of the lenses, at ordinary times, we can blink to alleviate this situation, but no matter you go to sleep or have a nap, when you weak up, the comfort of the lens will decrease. In addition, cornea needs oxygen, when you open your eyes, the cornea can absorb oxygen from air, but when you close your eyes, the blood vessels under the eyelids is responsible for the supply of oxygen, so when you wear lens when you sleep, it will reduce oxygen absorption. So do not wear contact lenses when you sleep.
  • Joseph


    I strongly suggest you do not wear contact lenses while sleeping. If you do, you may get red eyes, or itchy eyes or other eye problems next day. It is so easy that our eyes get eye infection because of wearing contacts. Wearing contact lenses for a long time is not a good idea. if you are that kind of person who often forget to take out contacts before you go to sleep, you can choose to wear extend wear contact lenses. They are a type of contact that you can wear them overnight. Be careful to wear any contact lenses for the sake of your eye health.