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Why do i get red eyes when i wear my colored contact lenses?

I look into a mirror and find my eyes appear red. I don't know why. Yesterday, I just wear a pair of colored contact lenses. Will wearing colored contact lenses cause red eyes? Why?
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  • b3miine_x3


    In my opinion, four reasons can cause your red eyes when wearing colored contact lenses. The first one is Blocked Oxygen Supply. For optimal health, your eyes need to breathe oxygen. If your contacts are blocking your eyes' oxygen supply, your eyes may become red and irritated. The second ones are that you may have Dry Eyes. Over time, soft contact lenses dehydrate and cause dry eyes, which are not only uncomfortable but may also become bloodshot and red.third,you may be infected by something. at last, If your eyes are red when you wear contacts, you may simply be allergic to something in your lens itself.besides,dirty lenses may also make your eyes red. So you should find the rooting reason and make some measures to solve the problem. For example, you must wash your hand before you touch your lenses. And also you can drop some eyes drop in your eyes which can relieve it.
  • Zoe Wang


    Hi, it sounds not very good for your eyes. It is probably caused by bacterial infection. As we know, contact lenses require to take off everyday before we go to bed. If you not keep them well over night, or you not clean them before you wear it, it is possible cause eye infection. That can be very serious to the eyes. So, i suggest not wear your contact lenses the next day. You can wear eyeglasses instead. Or some antibiotic eye drops may help your eyes recover from red and burn eyes.
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    If it is caused by colored contact lenses, you may consider the following factors. Soft contact lenses maybe be dehydrated after long time wearing, leading uncomfortable and bloodshot in eyes. You can also get infection or allergy of wearing dirty colored contact lenses. Red eyes may be also a sign of infection. You may have a corneal infection that needs to be treated by your ophthalmologist.
  • Zachary eddy


    Because contact lenses are attached to the cornea, tears can be easily sucked in the lenses, at the same time, fats, proteins and other substances can be formed deposition on the lenses, it will not only affect the life of the lenses, but also cause blood shot eyes and corneal degeneration. In addition, when you wear and remove contact lenses, it will rub your cornea, which can easily lead to corneal trauma. If your box which you put contact lenses are dirty, or you use dirty hands to touch lenses, it will easy to make you have infection, which can make you have red eyes. So you should pay attention to eye health.