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Michael anderson


Are circle frame sunglasses in style in 2012?

I like circle frame sunglasses very much and plan to buy one pair. I just wonder whether the circle frames sunglasses in style in 2012 or not?
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  • Luthy


    Round frame glasses is a kind of glasses which very classic. John - Lennon likes it very much, round glasses is also a sigh of the character - Harry Porter . In early 2009, the round frame glasses have been in fashion, celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Mary Kate Olsen all like to wear the glasses. By 2012, the round frame glasses although not outstand as in previous years, but still in. The most popular glasses with several broad categories in the season of 2012: first, retro add modern elements. For example, round glasses ( see, round glasses still very popular ), cat eye type glasses with different materials such as sheet metal and metal, metal and leather, or add decoration details, give person a feeling of unique. Second, although already entered autumn, fruit color continue summer scene. A variety of transparent color and contrast color constitute graphical effects, they are very special. Third, the exaggerating modeling. Some glasses are unique in modeling, both fashion and artistic. In short, round glasses in 2012 are still one of a trend, but the materials, color and decoration have more changes. If you want to buy a round frame glasses, you may consider things like material and color, not the shape.
  • cthier


    Circle frame sunglasses, also called round sunglasses, are very vintage. In recent years, vintage trend is still claiming the fashion world, and then vintage style items are favored by those who are into vintage stuff. I think circle frame sunglasses are a good way to go because they are still in fashion and I guess they will not go out of style in the near futures. As long as circle frame sunglasses are suitable for your face shape, you can wear them to for a better look. However, no matter how hot sunglasses are, you may not wear sunglasses that do not suit your face shape.
  • Linda


    Retro style still would be the fashion style in recently. You know, circle shape always is the classical shape that will never outdate. Have you noticed Harry potter's round glasses yet? That makes him seems more smart, cut and clever. So you no need to worry about its style for it will popular for a long time. Anyhow, those who suit you are the best. As long as your face is not so round, why not have a try to wear the circle frame sunglasses?