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Are red sunglasses in fashion in 2012?

I saw some women look attracting with red sunglasses. I also want to buy a pair. Are red sunglasses in fashion in 2012? What do you think of red sunglasses?
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  • Sara nelson


    I know that most of Asian women like red sunglasses. From this point, red sunglasses are fashion. Anyway, i like red framed sunglasses too. I have a fine skin, With red framed sunglasses, it makes me look energetic. And the red sunglasses can compliment me. If you like it, just go ahead. Just try a pair to see if the sunglasses match you well.
  • california_lovv


    red sunglasses are always popular these years. Whether you look good when wearing red sunglasses depends on many conditions, such as your hair color or the complexion. Following the fashion trend can make you become a guy with your own personality. However, as an ornament, the red sunglasses' main importance is to make you look good. Thus, if your hair color and complexion are matched with red sunglasses. That is just OK for you.
  • Adam


    Red sunglasses make people look good because of the bright color. However, red sunglasses are not suitable for women with white skin. If your skin is white, you can try. They will make you look fashionable and attracting. But if you have dark skin, I do not advise you to wear a pair of red sunglasses. The color of red will make your skin look darker and dirty. Therefore, before you get the sunglasses, you can try ones in eyeglasses store to check if you look great with red sunglasses.