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What are effects for wearing expired contact lenses?

Today, i wear my contact lenses as usual. But now, It suddenly occurred to me that the contact lenses i am wearing right now is overdue yesterday. I am scared. I worry about it. What are effects for wearing expired contact lenses?
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  • RJ


    Actually if just for a few days, it will be no big deal. This will also depend on how stressed or rested your eyes are. But just don't extend it too long. But if you extend for a long time, obviously it will be dangerous to your eyes. As many experts have said, they can make your eyes get dry quicker, burning sensation and up to the point of being foggy or hazy. So the most important thing is to make sure your contacts are not expired. Just clean it in a right way so that it won't be infected easily. Then you should also get adequate sleep as often as you can. By the way, when we say expired, it means outdated, extending its duration but within the expiry date listed is not considered as expired. And if you have used the expired contacts which make you feel painful or so bad, you should go and console a doctor as soon as possible.
  • cthier


    It is a bad idea to wear expired contact lenses. You can remove the expired contact lenses in your eyes immediately. And then, wash your eyes. Maybe you may not feel any side effect right now. But the expired contact lenses are not promised by manufacturer in quality. If there any damage occurs to your eyes, you will regret.
  • Michelle percy


    If your contact lens is expired, I recommend you not to wear it. Because when the contact lens is expired, it will become hardened and dry, which will lead to the decline of oxygen permeability, it can easily cause corneal hypoxia and infection. If you wear expired contact lenses, you may be associated with decreased visual acuity, or you may have strong foreign body sensation. If you do not have any feeling, you may wear it for extra days, but you should change it when you feel uncomfortable. In addition, although your contact lenses have standard care, the protein deposits can not be clear completely, it will lead to poor oxygen permeability of the lens, and this will increase the risk of infection.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    We shouldn't wear expired contact lenses, but as you found out them to be out of date timely, so don't worry about that too much. Now we can discuss the harmfulness of wearing expired contacts in a relatively relaxed mood. Why contacts are designed to be with various time limits? That is to say if we want to exchange them every 3 months, we shouldn't buy a pair with one month's lifetime. The difference between them is of course lying in the materials itself. Exposed to the liquid environment of eyes and the air, the chemical essence of the material will certainly be changed gradually even if we are very careful to use them and try to keep them away from any kind of foreign matters. If nothing goes wrong the contacts should also be abandoned till the predicted lifetime, let alone that it's impossible for the users to take care in all kinds of circumstances. So if no big damages occur to the lenses, the predicted lifetime is the longest limitation allowed for safe use.