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What complications can be caused by wearing contact lenses?

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  • Niurwwa


    The most likely symptom is red eyes whose main cause is wearing contact lenses caused by corneal hypoxia, as well as the mechanical stimulation of the lens, lens precipitate chemical stimulation, pathogenic bacteria toxins or nursing liquid toxicity. If you have such symptom, you should stop wearing and immediately go to a specialist for examination and treatment.
  • Louiwr


    As I know that dryness of the eyes may occur. The reason is that after wearing contact lenses, the tear is relatively reduced and after wearing lenses, the tear evaporation increases, so there is a sense of dryness. You can use eye drops properly.
  • Njihwe


    Acute infectious conjunctivitis is a common complication of wearing contact lenses. The clinical expression are eye hyperaemia, incread eye secretion, which is caused by a conjunctival pathogen infection. If such symtom occurs, the patient should stop wearing contact lenses at once, and go to the hospital for specialist treatment.