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Can homebrew beer make you blind?

Can i take some homebrew beer? I heard that homebrew beer can lead blindness. It sounds really crazy. But is this true?
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  • walker67


    Yes, you may take some homebrew beer. However some homebrew beer is not hygiene which needs to be away. The not hygiene homebrew beer may contain a lot of bacterium which will be bad for the whole body health. The serious problem is that it could lead to the blindness because of the killing of the nerves in the eyes. You should take great notice of.
  • Luis lewis


    Why homebrew beer can lead blindness? I don't understand. I think it is safer to make beer at home. I know that industrial alcohol leads to blindness if intake enough. Some bad alcohol manufacture beer or wine with industrial alcohol which is very dangerous. On the contrary, we won't use the industial alcohol to make beer at home just because it is cheaper. So I think homebrew beer is safer if you didn't use any unbelievable cheap material.

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