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Why do golfers wear sunglasses?

Most of people who play golf like sunglasses? Why? Can sunglasses make golfer see better?
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  • Riley eddy


    Golf wearing sunglasses looks cool.The sunglasses absolutely make the golfer see better. As we know, the sunglasses are used as the accessories to improve our looks. In addition, the sunglasses could protect our eyes from the uv rays of the strong sunshine. We could not only look cool but also protect the eyes vision from the strong sun lights.
  • Mackenzie


    Usually, people who play golf always stay outdoors, also in the sun. But the UV rays in sunlight can sunburn the eyes, and exposure over many years may cause cataract. So, golfer prefer to wear sunglasses to shield eyes. And good golf sunglasses can eliminate distortion in the bottom half of the lenses that enables the golfer to see the ball. From this point, wearing golf sunglasses can help golfer see better, thus to play it well.
  • enycelilbabii


    I saw this too. I have to confess that wearing sunglasses really make them look cool and wonderful. Yet I think there are some other underlying reasons for that. People usually play golf when it is a good day with sunshine, so they would like to wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Both could help protect them from the damages of sunlight. With sunglasses they could definitely see clearer where their target is, because the glasses reduced glare and strong sunlight. Meanwhile sunglasses can also provide the sound protection from UV radiations. The UV rays can burn the surface tissue of eyes just like it burns our skin. Besides, it increases the risk of getting cataract which is the leading cause of blindness. Wearing sunglasses can provide 100% protection from UV radiations and apparently slow down the growth of cataract. So I think it is better to wear the sunglasses when playing golf. Do you think so?
  • Brittany


    Golf is a sport most enjoyed during warm, sunny weather. However, it is not a good idea that squinting in the sun. So a good pair of golf sunglasses is so essential to protect from being scratched and exposure. And it also protects your eyes from dirt, sand, wind and harmful UV rays, and should be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for an entire round of golf without feeling too tight. By the way, it also can enhance one's outlook. Cool and mysterious are easy to be presented.