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John clark


What do asian eyes look like?

I see some people said asian eyes? What does asian eye really like? Do people with black pupils are asian eyes?
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  • candylips167


    Actually the asian eyes are not pure black. Their eyes look a little light brown. However, a lot of people don't like the asian eyes because they aren't attractive. Most of them will choose to wear the colored contact lenses to make them look special and charming. Usually the dark blue color will be the popular one for asian people.
  • Cathy Dailey


    Asian eyes are often small and without double eyelids. In fact, every one has black pupils, no matter what color his or her eyes has. Pupil is like black curtain which controls the light that enters it to protect the retina. Just like the flash of a camera. Western people think Asian eyes are beautiful, because they think those eyes are exotic and different. But in fact, most Asian girls prefer big eyes with double eyelids. That's also why there are so many women in Korea who receive double eyelid surgery.

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