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Can migraines cause eye pain?

I suffered from migraines. But my eyes also feel pain. Why? Can migraines cause eye pain?
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  • Julia


    Yes, migraine might cause eye pain. Eye pain is a common symptom of sever migraine. Migraine is a chronic disease associated with nervous system and vascular system. It is always accompanied with sensitivity to light, eye pain, vomiting and severe headache on one side of head. It is better to have a good rest in a quiet and dark room. If you can, you'd better to sleep, because migraine does not attack people in sleeping. Otherwise migraine might last for 4-7 hours.
  • walkingthedog


    Migraine is related to a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms. People who suffered migraine can easily get headaches and some other problems. Some studies have shown that migraine is associated with a mix of environmental and genetic factors. Migraine can affect nerves which govern eye movements deeply and also cause headaches. This is easy to get eye pain in natural way. That is, migraines are possible to cause eye pain. According to such complex condition, you'd better see a doctor to seek the truth.
  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    Yes, your eye pain may be caused by migraines because of the interlinked nerves in the eyes. Your nerves in the head affect your nerves in the eyes. You could use the eye drops to release the eyes pain. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes become comfortable. Your eye pain will be declined if you use the above ways.

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