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Can alcohol cause itchy eyes?

Can drinking too much alcohol cause itchy eyes? Is not, Why my eyes feel itch after drinking alcohol?
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  • Jonathan tuener


    As a matter of fact, it is true that alcohol could bring a lot of problems to us if we have too much of it, itchy eyes is included. After drinking, our nerves could be anaesthetized and our visual nerves too. What's worse, as we know that drinking too much alcohol hampers the quality of sleep you get each night, causing restlessness even insomnia. All of this excessive alcohol consumption will finally give rise to itchy eyes and other worse symptoms else. Thus for the sake of your health, just try to drink less and care more about your eye health such as keeping a balanced diet. But if the problem does not go away, you need to see a doctor to get a health check as soon as possible.
  • Melissa


    Till know, i didn't find any evidence prove that alcohol can cause itchy eyes. But too much alcohol is really bad for our health including the eyes. And doctor suggest most of people with itchy eyes avoid drinking too much alcoholic drink. So, if you want to keep eye health, you'd better not drink too much alcohol. If you already suffer itchy eyes, you can apply cold compress on your eyelids to help you. Besides, a piece of cold potato or cucumber can also helpful. Also, you shall take more water to keep your body hydrated. Hope this can help you.
  • handsome____boy


    Yes, drinking can cause itchy eyes. Excessive alcohol drinking can cause symptoms such as increased sensitivity to medications or alcohol, vomiting blood or blood in the stool, and intense itching. Actually, even if you just have a nightcap in the evening, the alcohol you take in can rob your body of nutrients and cause your sleep to be unrefreshing and poor quality. And it can also exacerbate rosacea and cause red watering eyes and broken veins on your cheeks and nose. In fact, regular drinking will suppresses the immune system and makes you susceptible to infections. And all those conditions will cause eye itching. Sometimes, touching your hands and fingers to your face often without washing them can also make your eyes itchy, because it will transfer a little grime and dust to your eyes. So if you want to relieve eyes itching, try to stop drinking and do not touch your eyes with dirty hands. If it don't get better, go to see your ophthalmologist.
  • Allison


    Yes, drinking too much alcohol will cause itchy eyes because of the irritating stimulation. You should use the warm compress to release the symptom. After using the clean hot cloth covered on the eyes, you will feel comfortable and moisture at the eyes. You could have a try. You could also use some eye drops to make the eyes feel comfortable.