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Can anxiety cause flashing lights?

What cause flashing lights in front of people? Can anxiety causes it?
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  • Patricia


    Yes, anxiety can cause flashing lights. Anxiety can cause problems in all area of the body, and vision problems from anxiety are quite common. One of these vision problems is that your eyes may show sensitivity to light and even see flashing lights when you have them closed. Because when your brain is in anxiety, it prepares for the fight or flight experience. Your brain sends a message to the eyes to sharpen vision. Sometimes the change is too dramatic or only occurs partially, causing flashes. And there are also some other reasons flashing lights as follows: (1)Migraine with aura (2)Ophthalmic migraines (3)Retinal migraine (4)Vitreous separation (5)Retinal tear or detachment And if you know it's anxiety what causes your eye problems, find ways to relieve the stress. You can take more relaxation, or take some meditation or do some self-hypnosis to decrease your anxiety levels.
  • Ryan warren


    Yes, anxiety will cause flashing lights in front of people. In addition, the eyes infection will also cause it. You should protect the eyes and use the eyes not in too much time with no rest. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes which will also make your eyes be healthy. You should just use the warm compress to release the symptom.
  • Christopher


    Actually, anxiety is not possible to cause flashing lights. If you get flashing lights, the most possible factor is you are afraid of light, that is, photophobia may occur. People who suffer photophobia is easy to be sensitive to light, be allergic to cat and dust, feel unwell in sunshine and hot wind. Plus, photophobia can lead to glaucoma indeed. You need to pay attention to it and flashing lights is a sign of photophobia.

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