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EDGAR Schneider


Why do speed skaters wear sunglasses?

It seems that speed skaters are follower of sunglasses. Why? Can sunglasses protect their eyes?
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  • cliffistheshit


    Speed skaters wearing sunglasses look cool. The sunglasses can be used as the accessories to make you look cool. In addition, the sunglasses will protect your eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights. Your eyes will be protected to some degree. You could also choose one type to improve your whole look and character.
  • miguel gaytan


    Of course, speed skaters wear sunglasses for shielding their eyes. In fact, speed the sunglasses speed skaters wearing also called safety glasses or sports glasses. Still some people called it as goggles or protective eyewear. With it, it can protect eyes from eatery from the wind when they skate too fast. If you like and plan to skate, you'd better prepare a pair to shield your eyes.
  • creatingme


    Yes, I think they are wearing the sunglasses to protect their eyes. They are skating on the ice which can reflex the light and formed glare which might impair the vision or even cause temporary blindness. Sunglasses would effectively reduce the glare. In the game of speed skating, their speed is very high and track is comparatively narrow. Once their vision is impacted, it could be very dangerous. So it is better to wear the sunglasses in this game.
  • walkietalkie1


    Speed skaters wear sunglasses are likely to protecting eyes. The lenses of such sunglasses are distinct and special. The reflection of snow is easy to cause photophobia and eye itchy. Wearing sunglasses also can prevent vision lost. To the safe of eye health, speed skaters usually choose ski goggles which is special made for people who skating.