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Can bifocal glasses help slow down nearsightedness?

I have -5.00 in both eyes but they keep going up.I am trying to slown down them by doing a lot of close up work.Now I am thinking if bifocals would help me not force my eyes as much when reading and working with the computer?Or am I too young to wear them?I am 24
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  • Kathleen


    Any eyewear will not do much help slow down nearsightedness. I think separate pair for computer and reading use may make your eyes less strain. First of all, most computer screens are too high up to work well with bifocals, so your head have to hold up to reach to the reading portion of the bifocals. Second, single vision lenses are less likely to make distortion. It is less common for teenagers or young people to wear bifocals, but it is recommended by your eye doctor, it is OK. .
  • Austin gerard


    It is said that bifocal glasses can slow down nearsightedness in children. While other people don't think the bifocal glasses can slow down nearsightedness. Different people have different opinions. However, there is no scientific evidence that have shown the bifocal glasses can slow down nearsightedness. bifocal glasses have nothing to do with the age. If you do need them, then get them.As I know, bifocal glasses are not used for mid-range vision, so it may not be suitable for computer.
  • walkmen123


    No,they can't help you slow down the myopia, they can only help you correct your vision when reading or working on a computer,but they can't do the job(reading and working on a computer)at the same time.You'd better get progressive glasses which can enable you to see far,middle and near.

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