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Can the flu cause yellow eyes?

Can i get yellow eyes because of flu? Or what causes the yellow eyes?
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    I never heard that flue can cause yellow eyes. Yellow eyes is a sign of a very serious disorder and the following conditions can cause yellow eyes. First, if you get liver dysfunction, often caused by alcoholism, or issues with the breakdown of the red blood cells, you will get yellow eyes. Second, jaundice can cause the yellow eyes and yellow skin under your eyes.
  • Isabel


    No researches said that the flu can lead your yellow eyes. Even the bird flu which is spread from birds and cause fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches. There are a lot of conditions which can cause your yellow eyes. For example, the jaundice is a very common condition to people. Due to the production of too much bilirubin put out by the river, it not only can cause of many other underlying diseases, but also can make your eyes yellow. Except that, cancer of the pancreas, bile duct obstruction, cirrhosis of the liver and sickle cell anemia are also can lead the yellow eyes. Therefore, if you or your lover have the yellow eyes, it best to seek your doctor's advice.


    I don't think a flu can cause yellow eyes. It can just cause red and watery eyes as symptoms of a cold. As to the yellow eyes, we are not talking about the yellowish deposit or spot in eyes, the cause is jaundice surely. Jaundice refers to a condition that the bilirubin built up in the blood. Bilirubin is coming from the breakdown of old red blood cells. It is processed by liver and then through the gallbladder into small intestine with bile to help digestion. It would finally be eliminated out in excrement. If there is something wrong with liver, gallbladder or blood, you might get jaundice which would cause yellowness of skin, sclera and mucous. Is there any other symptoms accompanied the yellowness of eyes? If you got fever which is also a common symptom of a flu, it might be caused by acute cholangitis, hepatapostema, septicemia, and virus hepatitis. If jaundice is accompanied with severe pain at the stomach pit, it might be caused by gallstone. No matter what problem caused the jaundice, you should go to hospital at once to test your blood or liver or gallbladder, because it is serious emergency which requires immediate treatment.