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What kind of health insurance include vision insurance?

I have serious vision problems,so I am looking for health insurance that includes vision insurance.What company should i take and can you provide me with links,thanks!
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  • gary


    Find a local agent that works with all of the major companies in your area and they may help you find the most suitable health insurance.
  • Connor nelson


    There are NO health insurance policies that include vision. maybe welfare is a kind of health insurance, but you should buy it in order to enjoy the benifits. Why not buy eyeglasses online, which is much cheaper, the prices are almost 40%-50% lower than that in optical stores.
  • Josh


    Comprehensive health insurance may include vision insurance. But you should check your the policy in your area. It is said that only a certain part of an annual eye check-up might be covered. However, I don't know what company you should take. You'd better consult a local agent who works with all of the major companies in your area.Hope this helps.
  • Bridget C


    I think there is no health insurance include vision insurance,you need to buy it separately.