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Nathan griffin


How many people has/had any kind of eye problems, and succeeded in taking care of it with eye exercises?

Please tell me if you succeeded with eye exerising, and what eye problem u had.
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  • 04/12/2012

    I used to have eye strain when I looked at the blackboard in the front of the classroom, and I can't see the words clearly. At that time our school requaired us to do eye exercises for five minutes every day. Then I keep on doing these exercises for the whole school days. Later I found that my vision is getting better and better gradually.But now I haven't done those exercises for a long time, and my vision has been becoming worse. Personally speaking, the eye exercises should be kept on doing daily and they will help your eyes from eye strain more or less.
  • Catherine


    How many people had eye problems? Mmm... it is a question. I haven't done that kind of research before so I don't know the exact number. Maybe there are lots of people who have eye problems. But I have never heard that any people cure their eye problems by doing eye exercise every day. Dude, eye exercise can't help cure eye problems or improve our eyesight. So I suggest you to visit an eye doctor ASAP if you are suffering from some kind of eye problems. You should apply for timely treatment to prevent the problem from going worse.
  • walker


    None. I haven't heard about a case that succeeded in taking care of eye problems with eye exercises. Eye exercise can help relieve eye fatigue other than change the condition of our eyes. But many eye problems need to be diagnosed by eye doctors and treated by medicines. Or they will go worse as we age. So I think eye exercise can't help in this point, you'd better choose other ways to treat with your eyes problems. Hope you will be fine soon.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Sweetie, I don't know whether pink eye was a kind of eye problem or not. But I think it is a kind of eye problem. I just suffered from pink eye in last month. It was caused by bacteria. My eyes are red and itchy in that period. Later I have my eyes checked and treat with some medicines. Then the symptoms went away slowly. In my case, eye exercise can do nothing for my irritated eyes. Maybe eye exercise will make situation even worse.

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