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Logan green


What are best eye exercises to improve vision effectively?

What are best eye exercises to effectively improve my vision? Should I do these exercises with glasses on?
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  • 04/14/2012

    It is impossible that any eye exercises will improve your eyesight effectively. However, they may help you keep your vision in current level and prevent it from becoming worse. One of the best ways is resting your eyes every ten to twenty minutes by looking away from the computer and viewing the distance. This way just like switching between closely focus and distant focus every five to ten seconds. By doing this, we can rest our eyes and prevent eye strain. But you shouldn't do these exercises with glasses on.
  • Savannah taylor


    No evidence has showed that eye exercises can help improve eyesight effectively. However, we can still benefit from doing eye exercises. Doing eye exercises can help strengthen eye muscles and prevent eye strain in order to make our eyes relaxed. Eye fatigue or eye strain is the leading cause that make our vision become worse. So to prevent the eyesight getting worse, we can do some eye exercises. Blinking is the most common and simplest way to keep our eyes fresh. When we use computer or watch TV for a long period of time, we should try to bink as often as possible.
  • ctakah4ik


    Eye exercise can't help improve your eyesight. But they can help relieve eye fatigue. Massaging the muscles around our eyes gently can help relax strained muscles. You should take off your glasses before doing that.
  • giles


    Only lasik eye surgery can help correct our vision problems. But you can apply for that surgery only if you are a good candidate for it. Eye exercise can help maintain the health of our eyes. They can help relieve eye fatigue. Maybe we can achieve small sign of improvement after persist on doing it for a long time. But after we give up doing it, our eyesight will return to where it was quickly.
  • Melissa duncan


    Eye exercise, nutrients and vitamins, herbal remedies are good for our eyes. But they can help maintain the health of our eyes other than improve our eyesight. It is easy to improve our eyesight when we were young but it is difficult to improve our eyesight after we become adults. And our eyesight will decrease slowly as we age. Maybe lasik eye surgery can help improve your eyesight but there are still some side effects or possible risks as other surgery has.