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Samuel hall


Do eye exercises help your eye sight improve?

do eye exercises help your eye sight improve yes or no and don't answer i you haven't tried any exercises please. thank you. and if they work please give me names of the product and how much they cost and if there are different packages or bonuses things like that. please thank you.
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  • 04/13/2012

    No eye exercises can help improve the eyesight. Doing eye exercises just can relieve the eye strain and strengthen the eye muscles. The eye exercises can only correct the paralytic squint which is caused by uncorrected refractory error. We can do the exercise of concentrated looking at a single point daily for a few minutes for a month.
  • Werner


    Yes. I also read on some articles that doing eye exercises is good to eyes. If you insist everyday, and also keep some good habit of using eyes, it can help improve your vision for long run. And there are several types of eye exercises. Here is a simple way that may help you. You should find a open place with tree. Then, focus on a tree near you and try to see it as clear as possible. Next, try to focus a tree far from you. Still try to see as more details as you can on that tree. Now, you can refocus the tree near you, and try as much as you can to see clear the trees, then go on try to focus the tree far from you. Just repeat it about 4 to 5 times. Good luck.
  • Brittany green


    I have tried that for nearly two months, but I haven't got any sign of improvement in my eyesight. so I think eye exercise can't help improve my eyesight.
  • california_lovv


    My friend had tried that when she was in high school. She said that eye exercise had kept her eyesight from decreasing. She hadn't changed her glasses within 3 years. She kept on doing eye exercise in every day. You can have a try. Good luck!
  • Caroline bell


    My baby sis had very bad eyesight. She applied lasik eye surgery 3 years ago. Now she has perfect vision. There aren't any side effects except dry eye syndrome. She used to do eye exercise every day but there isn't any sign of improvement in her eyesight.
  • Miranda hall


    Dude, there is no scientific proof which can show us that eye exercise can help improve our eyesight. I suffer from myopia since I was in high school. But I didn't believe eye exercise can help improve our eyesight because I persisted on doing eye exercise for at least 9 years in school. Our school had set time for eye exercise after each class. It had some effect to help relieve eye fatigue while it hadn't improved my eyesight.