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Noah hill


Does anyone know where I can find some free eye exercises online?

I have been doing research on them, and want to see if they work. Unfortunately I can only find advertisements for books. Any one know where I can find some ones online for free?
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  • 04/12/2012

    Try to search in the web broswer. Or try these exercises: Hope this help you.
  • walkyr


    You could go to the youtube to have a search. There are many useful videos for people to download or see online. Here is the address of teaching you the right eye exercises, You could go and learn step by step. In order to help you protect the eyes, you should do this often.
  • copyofme


    There are so many free eye exercises online. And most of them are very easy. You can search "eye exercise" on Google and then you can find many website that can present at least a kind of eye exercise for you. I strongly suggest you to wash your hands carefully before doing eye exercise. And you also need to massage your eyes gently. Hope this helped!
  • carl


    You can have a look at Hope this helped!