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Kimberly quick


Is there an eyewear to combat computer vision syndrome?

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  • 04/14/2012

    Yes , the computer glasses are especially designed to reduce the harm of computer radiation to the eye.If you have the symptome of eye dry, itch and fatigue. It is better for you to get a pair of computer glasses which can help ease these problems.
  • Jason lester


    Computer glasses can help combat computer vision syndrome. I am a computer worker too. I wear computer glasses every day to protect my eyes from computer reflections. It is said that computer glasses can filter glare. You can have a try.
  • Fat


    Computer glasses are good choice for you. They can help relieve eye fatigue so we will feel less tired after using computer for a long time. But I still suggest you to do some eye exercise or take a break during your reading period. When we stare at the computer screens, there will be less blinks. We may suffer from dry eyes after using computer for a long time. We can apply some artificial tears to lubricate our eyes or drink plenty of water.
  • Catherine williams


    A pair of computer glasses can help solve your problems. Besides, you can give up using computers or try to limit the hour that you spend on playing computer games or working in front of the computer screen. I think TV and computer screen do great harm to our eyes. But people are reluctant to admit that their vision was impaired by computers, TV or other kind of high-tech products. These equipments help a lot in our daily lives and ruin our health as well. But have you noticed that we have spent too much time on them every day? Some of us just use them to kill time. Why not do some outdoor activities? That can help improve our health.