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Jose james


Is it true that you can eliminate the need for glasses through doing eye exercises?

Like many people my age I have had to wear reading glasses for some time and I hate doing so. In recent years I have seen advertisements for training courses which classes which claim that they can teach you to do away with your glasses. Has anyone done such a course and if so how was it ?
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  • 04/14/2012

    66% of the eyes power comes from the cornea, which cannot be changed, while other 33% comes from the crystalline lens which continues to grow and eventually inhibits our ability to see near objects. Therefore it is impossible to correct your vision problem through doing eye exercises and get rid of your glasses.
  • Nicholas carter


    Eye exercise can't help improve your eyesight. Many senior citizens will suffer from presbyopia. A pair of reading glasses can help correct their vision problems. Though they might cause some inconveniences for you because you have to put them on and take off them from time to time there isn't other good choice for you.
  • enycelilmamii


    I think you can't eliminate the need for glasses through eye exercises. Our eye condition will degenerate as we age. Many old people will suffer from presbyopia. It is a common phenomenon. Eye exercise can help relieve eye fatigue but they can't help improve eyesight.
  • Jada oliver


    I suggest you to hang your reading glasses around your neck just as other people do. So you can put on or take off them more easily. Or you can apply for lasik eye surgery to treat with your vision problems as long as you are a good candidate for it.
  • Joseph campbell


    We all know that exercising our body can makes it stronger. So can exercising our eyes make our vision stronger too? Maybe they have the same effect. But I'd like to tell you that there is no evidence that eye exercise can improve vision. So you must apply other ways to help improve your vision. You can consider a pair of glasses or lasik eye surgery. They can help correct your vision. Good luck!

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