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Does vision really get much better after the Lasik surgery?

Can anyone give some feedback on Lasik, such as vision really get much better as they say after the surgery, or any problems after surgery?
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  • enternalhate


    I had Lasik eye surgery done after wearing glasses for 12 years. It has been perfect for me. I have had no changes. Before I do the surgery I know, risks and benefits are existed at the same time, I belive I am the lucky person. Then everything is done. I've seen several people who said they were in some pain, but healed just fine.But for me, everything is OK, I can see things clearly no squinting, no driving/ reading with glasses anymore.The procedure is painless (although a bit uncomfortable) but takes less than 15 minutes. Worth trying!
  • Savannah percy


    That depends on several factors including your original vision. Vision may improve gradually during the first year after lasik surgery, you may know your final corrected vision after several months. Different people may get different results of the corrected vision after lassik surgery.
  • Mackenzie


    For most people who have lasik surgery,the vision get much better than before,but every surgery has risks and benefits.You need to pay special attention to your eyes after the surgery in case of complications and infections.In most case,people are lucky enough to go through the difficult period.