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Diane Rhone


What are some home remedies for bags under eyes?

I always have bags under my eyes and they make me look so listless. What are some home remedies for bags under eyes?
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  • b3mine_x3


    Bags under the eyes are also called swell or puffy eye. Here are some ways that may help you reduce such bags under your eyes. First, you shall keep enough sleep everyday (you'd better go to bed before 11:00) Second, Use fresh and cool l cucumber or potato slices on your eyes for about 20 minutes everyday. Third, use a face mask to help reduce eye bags naturally. Four, place a frozen tea bags on your closed eyes about 10-15 minutes.
  • Sara


    Bags often refer to swelling or puffiness under eyes. The skin under the eye is quite delicate, which make it easy to get swelling or bags. However, there are some effective home remedies to treat bags under eyes. Egg white can help tighten pores and reduce bags under the eyes. Just use your fingers to apply a small amount of egg white under your eyes and leave it for 15 minutes to dry. Finally, rinse them with warm water. You can also apply tea bags or cucumber slices to treat your bags under eyes.
  • Joseph bell


    Tea bags are the best choice. Just place a frozen tea bag on your puffy eyes for 10-15 minutes and then press them 10 times with your ring finger before you sleep. And slices of cucumbers, potatoes and apples are also good for that. To cope with this kind of problems, there are some other ways: to restrict sodium consumption, to use suitable eye cream every night, not to drink one hour before you sleep and to try not to stay up. If you want to solve the problem more quickly and radically, you can also adopt surgical treatment.