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Danai P.


What are the best eye drops for dry eyes after lasik?

My mother had lasik surgery one week before and recently she always complains about dry eyes. i wonder if I can get her some eye drops. What are the best eye drops for dry eyes after lasik?
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  • tuener


    Most of patients after LASIK will develop some degree of dry eyes. So they need eye drops to keep eye moist. Look for the best eye drops for dry eyes, you can buy some eye drops from some large eye companies like Allergan, Alcon, or Bausch & Lomb. Though they are more expensive, but it is worth. Anyway, i believe you won't take risk of your eyes for saving money.
  • eduardoroxmisox


    Most people will suffer dry eyes after lasik surgery, so some eye drops are needed to deal with the dry eyes. In fact, eye drops of all kinds can be used to treat dry eyes after lasik surgery safely. Some people will use artificial tears occasionally to treat their dry eyes after the surgery. But sometimes they need allergy eye drops or other eye drops to deal with dry eyes. However, it is advisable to use antibiotic and steroid eye drop for the first five to seven days after lasik surgery. However, if you get dry eyes after surgery, you should return to your surgeon and he will prescrible you eye drops to treat your dry eyes.