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Can a Stroke Lead To Blindness?

Can a Stroke Lead To Blindness? How is a stroke connected with blindness?
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  • emptypayphone


    Yes, it may be. A stroke may cause symptoms from hallucinations to complete blindness. In details, If you frequently stroke, it will affects most of the occipital lobe on one side of the brain that are called homonymous hemianopsia by eye doctor. And the loss of the half field of view are on the same side in your two eyes, thus further cause blindness. So, one shall take seriously if you stoke.
  • clozco


    Yes. A stroke is likely to cause blindness, especially on the brain because there are connections and wiring of the wiring system in the brain, which is connected with central vision in the brain. If you get a stroke, you should go to see a doctor immediately to see whether they are something serious wrong with you. If you leave it untreated, it can lead to blindness eventually. So you should seek for emergent treatment if you suffer a stroke.
  • Makayla raphael


    If it's a really hard stroke, it could lead to blindness on eyes, if the stroke is very strong and broke the eyes which cuases the Eyeball rupture, after some time it could be possible for making the eyes lose all it's function or most of the function.

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