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Can eye allergy cause blurred vision?

I just got an eye allergy several days before and today my vision seem to be a little blurry. Can it be caused by the allergy?
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  • Holly


    Eye allergies is a very common phenomenon for most of people. But allergies may cause more tears in your eyes than normal that cause periods of blurred vision. In details, the allergies causes changes in physiologic and makeup your tear film. While the tear film is made up of water, and mucous and oi. And if the combination changes with excess mucus that definitely can cause blurred vision.
  • cook


    Yes. If you get eye allergy, you may suffer watery eyes, red eyes and irritation in your eyes, which can easily cause blurry vision. If the eye allergy is so serious, your eyes may find it hardly to open, which cause you can't see things clearly. Once the eye allergy go away, the symptoms will disappear themselves. So I just guess your blurry vision is not caused by eye allergy, it may be caused by some other factors. You'd better go to see a doctor to have your eyes checked.
  • Paige evelyn


    Maybe. When you get eye allergy, your eyes will secrete tears to protect themselves and take out some toxins. Once tears increase, it is normal to get blurred vision. There is also another situation: the little red rash aroused from allergy may keep out sight making you feel blurring when you see something. I believe that this symptom will disappear with the recovery of your allergy. Do not worry about it. Of cause, it is better to ask for doctors' professional suggestions. Usually, overusing eyes are easily cause eye allergy, so remember to keep regular rest.
  • Florence Sprent


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