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Can botox remove bags under eyes?

I am a 46 year old woman and have just noticed bags under my eyes. Can Botox help reduce the problem?
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  • Sonya


    Usually, people use botox to reduce the wrinkles that caused by overactive muscle. So, it will not work to correct the bags under the eyes. To remove bags under eyes, you can adopt some home remedies. In details, place your eyes with cucumber slice, frozen tea bags will helpful to reduce puffiness. Besides, good and enough sleep is the key factor to remove eye bags. And in your daily life, regularly splash cold water on the face and eyes will improve circulation and avoid Bags due to unnecessary fluid accumulation.


    Botox can be used to reduce the wrinkles, but it may not helpful for removing bags under eyes, and it may make your bags even wose instead. Howver, there are some other home remedies for bags under eyes. You can try applying cucunmber slices, tea bags and egg white on your bags under eyes, which are effective ways to get rid of bags under eyes. I ever tried using cucumber slices to treat my bags under eyes and I found it very effective.
  • Andrea warren


    Botox is only working on the Facial muscles, but not for fat. The contains material of Bags under eyes mostly is fat, if you inject botox, it may not make the bags under eyes disappear, even will cause it become bigger than before.