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Are tea bags good for puffy eyes?

I have really puffy eyes and just wondering which method would be more effective. Are tea bags good for puffy eyes?
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  • Caleb may


    Tea bags are good for dark circles and also work on puffy eyes. Regarding puffy eyes, you'd better use it with ice cakes. Put the tea bags on your eyes, apply for 10-15 minutes and then clean your eyes, wipe your eyes with towel and put on some eye cream. This will help to remove the bags under eyes.
  • walker_


    Yes, place your eyes on a frozen tea bags will be helpful for reduce reducing the puffiness under the eyes due to the caffeine in the bags. Usually, puffy eyes are caused because you are tired and lack of rest. Place tea bag which contains caffeine that will wakes you up, just like coffee helps many people stay awake for the beginning hours of the day because of the caffeine. So, you can try.
  • clozco


    Sure. Tea bags are very effective for puffy eyes. Tea contains tannin which is an active ingredient. Tannin in tea can work well to tighten pores and draw excessive liquid out of the skin to make it smooth. Before you apply tea bags, you'd better put them in the refrigerator to make them cold and then you can place them on your eyes for 15 minutes, which will help increase circulation around the eyes and reduce the puffiness under the eyes.
  • elliekate825


    Puffy eyes are a situation by which the eyes start inflammation due to various aspects. The skin concerning the eyes is very skinny and it is full of bloodstream ships that will allow it to be extremely delicate. Generally puffy eyes go absent following a while or some treatments carried out inside your personal house. And tea bags are well received by most people. They have no negative side effects and are easy to operate. Just place a frozen tea bag on your puffy eyes for 10-15 minutes and then press them 10 times with your ring finger before you sleep. What's more, slices of cucumbers have the same effect. You may have a try.
  • Mackenzie rose


    I have puffy eyes, too. And I am so sure to tell you that tea bags are good for puffy eyes. Put the tepid tea bag on your eyes, take it away after 10 mines, then clean eyes, apply some eye care product, and massage eyes, the eyes are different. You can have a try. It is not complicated.