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Which frame should i get with strong prescription?

I'm very nearsighted (-10.00 in both eyes) and it is really a hard time for me when shopping for glasses. The frames I see in the stores are very nice, but can't hold my thick lenses. Do you have any suggestion?
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  • eddy


    Since you have very strong prescription for nearsightedness, the prescription lenses for you must be thin in the center of the lenses and thick at the edges of the lenses. Besides, lenses with -10.00 prescription usually thick. To give you good looks, a pair of small and full framed eyeglasses frames are the best choices for you. Besides, you shall also choose high index lenses like 1.74 index lenses that will make your eyeglasses lenses look thinner and your eyeglasses nicer.
  • walkersrarest


    If you have strong prescription, I suggest you get full frame glasses which can hide your thick lenses so that the thickness of the lens edges won't be noticed. Full framed glasses are more durable, compared with semi rimless frame or rimless glasses. Besides, there are many choice of colors and styles for full frame glasses. I also have strong prescription and the lens is thick and I choose to wear full framed glasses and nobody will notice my glasses lenses are too thick. I've worn my full framed eyeglasses for many years and they are still in good condition now.
  • Zoe


    People with strong prescription usually choose the frame with proper height. The frames with less than 30mm frame height are better. Because if you choose a oversized frame, you will get dizzy for your strong prescription. Moreover, to get a good look, you shall first avoid rimless eyeglasses frame which can exposure your thick lenses. Besides, half rimmed frame shall also be avoided if you want to get gook look. That is to say, you shall choose full framed eyeglasses so as to hold your thick lenses. And the thick eyeglasses frame is recommended.
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