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What are some hip glasses for women over 40s?

I want to buy some hip glasses for my mother. She is 45 now. What kind of glasses should I get for her?
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  • A.L


    You can choose tortoise shell eyeglasses frames that like Jennifer Aniston's wear to your mom. It is can give her a smart and young looks. Besides, black framed eyeglasses frames are also considered as hip glasses for women over40s. Besides, black framed eyeglasses are easy to match any clothes and are suitable to wear in all occasions. It is really good choices for women over 40s.
  • Melanie smith


    oversized eyeglasses are very popular with women over 40. Although there are some other types of glasses preferred my many women, oversized glasses are still popular today not only because these glasses create a unique look to wearers but they can cover the eye and surrounding part of the face. Women who are over 40 will look more fashionable with these big frame glasses. But if you have a smaller face, oversized glasses may not be suitable for you.