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Can the person of serious myopia have laser operation?

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  • Vuihgjk


    According to such circumstance, if the myopia degree is as high as 1000 degrees, you had better go to oculist see a doctor and undertake an eye exam to see whether this kind of circumstance can have laser operation.
  • Prutyee


    Is there any astigmatism? The person of serious myopia can have an operation, but if there is astigmatism, myopia may not be able to get complete correction, I suggest you to go to regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Before the operation, comprehensive examination should be undertook.
  • Dobour


    If the myopia degrees have been stable, surgery can be performed and the appearance of eyes will not change. After high myopia patient finishes an operation, there is 5% odds to suffer the phenomenon of regressive eyesight, so it is important to protect your eyes.