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How to improve eyesight without glasses?

My brother wants to improve her eyesight. But he doesn't want to wear glasses. Can you give him some suggestions to improve her eyesight without wearing glasses? Thanks in advance!
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  • elblancodiablo


    Dear friend, you can search on the internet to find some programs which can use a natural method to improve your eyesight. The methods are developed by eye experts and have proven that they are scientific ways to help with your vision problems. It can help you to get your vision back naturally. I have asked two of my cousins to testify this. They told me that they can feel the result in a few weeks.
  • Daniel christian


    My optometrist told me that "You can throw your glasses forever" was like a hoax. But I think some people can get rid of glasses by surgeries or improve their eyesight if their degree is not very strong. You can ask your brother to keep a balanced diet. And don't play computer games for too long. Once I had the experience that don't watch TV or play computer for two months. My eyesight does really improve in this way. You can ask him to have a try.
  • elfenome


    Have you ever heard about Bates Method? Opticians always criticize this method. However, there are many people who have improved eyesight by using it. Meir Schneider, who was born with cataracts, opticians said he would always be blind, after practicing Bates method, now he can read, write and even drive. In 2007, he was honored by Israel, named as one of the %u201CTop Ten Most Inspirational Israelis%u201D worldwide. You can read his story here:
  • Victor Lee


    Eyes are a very delicate yet much needed part of the body. It is very easy to destroy or compromise your eyesight by simply being careless about eye strain and good healthy eye habits. This article will teach you some methods you can use to preserve and improve your eyesight.
  • Rebecca


    While you probably can't change your vision with diet alone, you can make sure your eyes have all the nutrients they need. Try to incorporate these foods into your meals such as Leafy greens,Omega-3 fatty acids,Citrus fruits and juices,Non-meat protein sources,A vitamin supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E.
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