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How to fix broken blood vessel in eye?

I have blood vessel in my eyes. I don't know what caused this and how to cure this. Can you tell me some ways to fix this?
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  • Vanessa george


    If there is too much pressure exerted, broken blood vessels in eyes may happen. The blood leaks from the broken capillaries then will cause red eyes. But, our body has normal defense and repair mechanisms which can cause clotting. They will close and end the bleeding. Then blood will be moved away gradually within a few of days.
  • Melissa garcia


    The red blood vessel in your eyes may mean that you have a subconjunctival hemorrhage. It will not cause vision problems or eye discomfort. But it is noticeable. The small and delicate blood vessels break beneath the tissue which covers the white of our eye will result in eye redness. Usually, we can use lubricant artificial tears to soothe the eyes.