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What are the long term effects of lasik eye surgery?

I just had lasik eye surgery last week. But the effect is not very well. Doctor told me that I need another surgery. I want to know how many surgeries I need to have after lasik eye surgery. What are the long term effects of lasik eye surgery?
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    Dear friend, many people will have surgeries after lasik surgery. Because to some people they do really need another surgery to sharp their vision, and usually doctor call the surgery an enhancement. The vision problems such as presbyopia will develop when patients are getting older. So lasik eye surgery can't solve all your vision problems at once.
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    Dry eye or flap complications are the most common lasik complications. But lasik complications are rare. They often occur after the procedure within days or weeks. Study shows that there is no long- term effect on the corneal endothelium. But there are many small changes in our eyesight, while it is not feasible and safe to repeat lasik eye surgery for small changes. So lasik eye surgery often has a high satisfaction rate.
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    Once the full healing process after LASIK surgery has been completed, your optimum visual acuity will be reached. After 3 to 6 months your eyesight will have reached its optimum benefit from the surgery. In many cases 20/20 vision is achieved, but some patients find they need reading glasses for close work. This may be diagnosed shortly after the LASIK surgery or a few years down the road. Occasionally, if your vision is not clear after LASIK, a further minor surgery may be recommended to obtain visual acuity. This is called an enhancement and is required by around 10% of LASIK patients. If your eyesight remains at 20/30 or worse then a low power pair of eyeglasses will usually be prescribed to be worn as needed.
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