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How do contact lenses correct vision problems?

Does contact lens work the same with glasses? I am just curious about that. Can you tell me how do contact lenses correct our vision problems?
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  • Nicholas


    For those who have normal vision, light will enter their cornea in the front of the eye. Then it will focus into a single point on the retina in the back of the eye. Later retina will convert the light into signals. The signals will go to the brain and be processed into images. But to those who had vision problems, the cornea can't focus light on the retina precisely. At this time the contact lens can refract, or bend light, so that it can focuse correctly on the retina.
  • Carlos rodney


    I think contact lens work the same with glasses. They have the same functions. They use the same theory to help correct our vision problems. When our eyes can't focus light on our retina as it should, we have a refractive error. In order to correct this, we use contact lenses that are placed on the eye to refract or bend the light. Then the light will focus on our retina correctly.