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Why do i keep getting pink eye ?

I often had pink eye. I don't know why. Sometimes it will recover a few days later without seeing a doctor. But sometimes I need to see an eye doctor. My doctor just gives me some medicines. Then I will get pink eye few months later.
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  • cocky_bitch


    I often got pink eye too. Once, I got 3 times in a month. At first, I thought it was caused by my contacts, so i just use some eye drops to relieve the symptoms of my eyes and stop wearing my contacts for two weeks. But I kept getting it. This time I threw away my contacts and have my eyes examined by an eye doctor. He told me my pink eye was caused by allergies. So I threw my entire make up away and washed all my blankets and towels. I used eye drops to clear it up but then I got it again. I suggest you to see a best eye doctor as I later did.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    Dear friend, are you sure all of them are pink eye? We know that some symptoms may look like pink eye, but actually it is not pink eye. If you are stay up too late in the night or you are working too long on the computer recently, this may lead to red eyes but it is not pink eye, and the symptom will often go over a few days later if you catch up sleep or have a good rest. But I think the reoccurring red eyes may be an outcome of underlying issues and you should consul your eye doctor. As for conjunctivitis, you shouldn't hesitate to see your eye doctor too. You can just tell him your concerns in detail and ask for more advices.

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