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How long do eye floaters take to go away?

I have some eye floaters in my vision. Many people told me that it is not a big problem and usually they will disappear by themselves. But I want to know how long eye floaters will go away?
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  • Melissa duncan


    I don't know what caused your eye floaters. But I know that we may get eye floaters after a cataract surgery. They are tiny clumps of cells from the fluid of your eye and it usually last a few days to a week. You don't require any special medical care. But floaters can be caused by other reasons, so you should consult your eye doctors timely.
  • Cammie


    I also heard that most eye floaters don't need any type of special treatment. Even healthy people may have eye floaters. If your floaters just obstruct your vision temporarily, you can roll your eyes up and down or from side to side to move the debris. However, if eye floaters begin to impair your vision, you must tell your eye doctor.