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Is reading on iphone bad for eyes ?

I like reading very much. I have begun to read more and more on my iPhone recently. But some people told me that reading on iphone is bad for our eyes. Why? What can I do to prevent this? I really enjoy reading anywhere when I have time. I can't give up my iphone because it is so convenient.
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  • Brandon cook


    Haha, though I don't have enough money to buy an iphone. But nowadays many cellphones have this kind of function. I often read books on my cellphones too. I like it very much. But I do really think the screen will affect our eyesight. But you can choose the color of the background and change the light of phone screen. I think this will cause smaller side effect but can't avoid the long term effect.
  • bell


    I think you can make the letters large enough so you won't need to strain your eyes to read. This will eliminate the side effect. I also think that as long as you take regular breaks and look up or look at the distance often, you will be fine. I think it will not be worse than reading on paper. but you should adjust the backlight of the screen too.